All in all, in my judgement, Partha cannot be simply put down because he had the weapons. Other warriors like Drona or Ashwatthaman could have dealt with Shikhandin. Episode. Drona was not as good as he is being projected now. 4. Coming to lakshagruha, Karna never incited Duryodhana but he was helpless Actually, it was defeating and killing Arjuna that Karna set as his only important goal of life. They not only make a great building (like an Egypt Pyramids) but also married with human girl n have a babies (Karna, Hercules, Perseus, etc). ^ "The Mahabharata, Book 1: Adi Parva: Sambhava Parva: Section CXV". So, he designed the strategy in such a way as to help Arjuna. Meanwhile Arjuna went there to support Abhimanyu. Then said Vrikodara, “Hear my words, Krishnachandra! But when Bhishma was killed, many warriors including Drona were supporting Bhishma. Karna again got wounded and lost to Arjuna in Virat war when he had his kavach and kundal. But for a instance even i agree that it brings more laurels to Karna , why? SRIKRISHNA chose on his own to guide ARJUN . Out of the four ones that you mentioned, only Vidur (and Bheesma to en extent) are spotless. Bhima alone checked 10 kaurava warriors including Drona and Ashwatthaman on 10th day of battle for some time. 4. He uses the Bramananda weapon against the helpless soldiers (again this weapon was prohibited to be used against humans). To say that after eating Duryodahna’s food he was corrupted, it was during the same time that in the Rajasuya yagna, he regarded Krishna as the greatest. He along with Arjuna spearheaded the pandava attack. So, here again Karna likened Arjuna to someone of the level of Sage Vasista etc and even in this case, he had no reason to continue fighting. They are sons of Vyasa. Among women, there is no one like her. Sharing appropriate info is the hallmark of teamwork which Arjuna clearly lacked. Coming to mistakes every one makes it. 3. He never hit any opponent a foul blow. – Always misguided Duryodhana in a wrong way. While I agree with most of your points, I beg to differ at 2 places. Yes. Tell us Yadu hero!”, Govinda said, “O King, what shall I say! CAN ladies fit for KRISHNA be ever molested by FEW DACOITS , its food for thought …. Would you like to marry a girl, who said that she loved another man. They said, a thousand years ago, Alien was visited earth. Reasons to show Karna was reluctant and didn’t actually want to kill pandavas. But nobody does it as well. 1. Saved, Yudhishthira remained silent. ! (4)Arjuna was not the only one who knew the art shabdbhedi. Even if Pandavas attack Karna first, definitely, the news would reach Hastinapur where Karna was present and the decision to permit sacrifice would be binding on him also. Karna’s only target and only purpose in his life was to defeat Arjuna and kill him. Only Arjuna and Abhimanyu in Pandava side knew the techenic to brake chakra vyuh. Calling Lord Ram a great dhanurdhar is not wrong. Please dont disrespect characters of Mahabharta with disrespectful words and adjectives. 2. Added to this is the boon from his father. Here again, nothing is simply given to pandu/kunti, but they have to earn it through purity of themselves. It has been made clear in this blog. Pandavas were mute spectators to the killing of their Guru. 5. Aunt Kunti is not a liar but a great sati. E77. before advising others kindly read the book for your own good, the person you are arguing with Name Mr Niraj Sharma might have torn the pages of the E-book(KMG) And in many sense a perfect role model for a grooming youngster. b. Lord Indra waiting Karna finishing his morning Sun Pujha (pray). To my knowledge Bheeshmas involvement in wars were more Hastinpur oriented ie when someone attacked Hastinapur or for benefit of the kuruvansha hence he went to kashi in the swyamvara. Any Arjuna supporter will have to get his or her facts right. @Anand Shankar ( Log Out /  U Mythology Hindi 2016. We know of the loss that happened in the Kuruksetra war. As for Jaidrath, he is a king under me just like all of you so he will listen to me. And a good son never hit or kick his father. All these examples are written in Gujarati version about Karna so we can see that he has fallen on the wrong side but he is not wicked. Chiraan is half amitabh bachchan. Then, smilingly he said to Bhimasena, “Without cause do you slander Draupadi, for Draupadi is not evil-minded. of this prince are never covered with When Abhimanyu was killed Arjuna was not present there. In this war, Karna’s bow was broken but this doesn’t mean he is defeated as it is too natural for a warrior to lose his bow. Inspite of this, we cannot say that Karna is second to him. 4. Dear Dhruv. He should have kept the boon aside and then fought. What made you turn to such evil ways? Whose feet was touched by your Arjuna who even shot an arrow to provide him water is a villain. 9. Karna. I think only Karna in kaurava side was good at fighting at nights. Would you forgive that person ? What a sad waste of such great potential ! Why lord Shiva would give boon to a criminal any why a warrior who became invincible would run away from battle field ? 2. Arjun supporters seem to suffer from short term ghajini like memory loss. To Aisa Karke aap Apni Flight Ki ticket book karwa sacte hai. 5. According to our esteemed and all knowing friend Mr. Chiraan. Indra is pleased by his tapasya. So, in the war Karna stood proud and made gandharvas to flee in the beginning so that they made him their principal focus. “Hear, wish-fulfilling Chintamani, ever I think on Narayana. Whereas ghatotkacha was defeated by ashwatthama.dronas disciple and son. Karna according to me was not a disciple of Drona. No other pandavas knew how to enter in chakra vyuh. King Sudyumna Becomes a Woman. Now a time will come a son will curse his father for having sex with his mother. Even after Duryodhana taking the charge in Hastinapur, Bhishma enjoyed a high position in the royal court. 9) Got Chitrangada pregnant then left her. So he would do anything that could comfort Pandu in the other worlds and Rajasuya was one such chance. Only with his death his obligation to adharma(Duryodhana) would end so that he could enjoy the fruits of his dharma. 1. Its Dushasanas son who killed Abhimanyu NOT Karna. Regarding Arjuna, Karna relied greatly on Vasavi and Nagastra. Wasn’t Sitaji molested by Ravana. Is blindness really a hindrance to kingdom? Lord Krishna made it very clear to the pandavas and they admitted it. Remember Your Mahabharata balance sheet will only tally when you admit that Karna was Arjunas equal otherwise many questions like above Karnas kavach etc will remain unanswered or you might come across answers which completely defy elementry logic. Good to see the discussions, I have a clarification can any one give me a reason. These concocted explanations are not supported by moola Mahabharata. Great warrior – Defeated by Arjuna in Virataparvam and by Gandharvas in Ghosha Yatra thoroughly and ran away from battle field But Karna somehow regained his love for his brother and shot that arrow sending Arjuna only into a swoon. He was not only the best mace fighter but a great archer as well. Regret for delay in answer. Why they could not save Bhishma from a Shikhandin? ) Of course Karna had his bad points but by and large we have to get certain facts straight. It can also be remembered that Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Durga, the Goddess of war and achieved victory over Ravana on this same day. in that movie, Rancho is the trouble maker, but the headmaster (Viru Shastrabhuddhi) always blamed Raju and Farhat. He did it out of sheer kindness. I heard, he burned Khandava Forest with tribal peoples inside. We have been crowned with success. Edited your post. Danveer – He himself asked for Shakti from Indra in return to giving Kundalas on his own. People often talk of Drona being killed by unfair means, but they never talk of the heinous act done by Drona that becomes the very root of him being killed in this way. So, just like Gandhar Naresh Shakuni, Karna also stayed at hastinapur. Again Karna way ahead. One died in the battle n other because TBC. Arjuna with Lord Krishna defeated Devraj Lord Indra. 2. On day 14, he bested Duryodhana with ease though the latter wore Brahm kavach Change ). I shall try to clear the mystery of World conquest of Karna. Karna was a great warrior, perhapes better that than even Drona. Such a mango has Partha plucked for Draupadi. his future will be a charioteer -like his father- and if he married n have a son, his son will be a charioteer too… it’s not fair. And you can pregnant without married with the help of Sperm Bank in Europe. There are some researchers who opine that Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama of Vrindavan and Mathura and those of Dwaraka are different and seperated by several generations. Event When Indra came to take the kavach he was disguised as a Brahmin as well. 4. – His pratigna was to kill all Pandavas. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Remember, he is Parasurama student. He was the first member of Karna fan club not you Niraj,nor Dhruv nor me . Karna is universally pitied by all. Niraj Sharma. Pandavas couldn’t have won the war without krishnas help and some controversies. But Arjun? Abhimanyu and Ghatotkacha were both sacrificed only to protect Arjuna from the wrath of karna. He was under the protection of bheeshnma. All of us are from different parts of India and we all have read different versions. ( Log Out /  Zaada kuch naheen kahunga. 3. Nowhere it is written that Ashvatthman defeated Bhima. Desire to be the best more important then benefit to brothers and sons. He was also famous as untiring warrior. 1. 15) Receives extra training on warfare from Indra/Parshuram and fails to pass on knowledge to his brothers, sons, etc even if it means saving their lives knowing that a major war is around the corner. All their women will weep in sorrow and I, delighted, will secretly mock them. The reason is he didn’t take the bit that they were difficult and shouldn’t be attempted. When the ruler of Dharma will be king again, I will be the crown prince as before. Arjuna, realizes that this adversery could not be killed by ordinary warfare and hence invokes the mighiest weapon of his armory, the Pasupata. How can a father have a favorite son? Majority of the people are materialistic, and if you know the incidents and the wrongdoers of Mahabharata, it makes it easier for us to take decisions in particular circumstances. During his digvijaya yatra, he reached such a distance that no one has gone earlier and earned the name of Dhananjaya. And during the 13th day Abhimanyu didn’t fought with Guru Drona directly. After some years when the same woman Satyavati asks Bhishma to break his oath for the good of his country, he bluntly rejects it. Gave his Kavach and Kundals. My refutation : Any father who is performance oriented is a bad father. This is the only place which Pandavas excel perhaps that’s why they are victorious. Why I am very particular about the original is because whichever other version is there, the author’s prejudices, biases, motive, will always come into picture. They have 2 wives. It is this very day that the Supreme Goddess gained victory over the terrible demon Mahisha and it was celebrated all over the universe. It was not a war between Drupada and Karna, but panchalas and Kauravas. Unable to succeed in Draupadi Swayamwar Karna, if he was righteous, should not have done that. Draupadi lost all her children. But the fact is that even before Yudhistira’s betting Draupadi she was already lost because if King loses then automatically all his belongings are lost. Gandhari had one daughter surviving ie Dushala. They may be resisted but to conquer them in fair fight was very tough task. Gave two of his greatest death arrows to his mother Kunti. 3. that ever-victorious Vishnu armed He always incited Duryodhana and even conspired with him to burn Pandavas in lakshagrih. 9. Able commander – He couldn’t win even a single war. Why other warrior (Karna Kripa Salya, etc) didn’t help him? Moola Mahabharata says that his favorite son was Abhimanyu. Mr Anand Shankar great for sharing your views. Bhimsen and Arjuna after having some much might was always obedient to his elder brother Yuddishtir. While Yuidhistira was great in terms of Dharma, he was not invincible as a warrior. In a family the sati serves one husband. Other Sons of arjuna were equal in pitrabhakti. Hear I don’t say thay Karna was weaker than Chitrasena. One more point is while the digvijaya yatras of all pandavas are described in so much detail glorifying them, Karna’s digvijaya yatra is given in a nutshell and those who go by outline fail to even notice it and it is not shown in many serials and movies. Muda yatra brahma trn-nikara-gulmadisu param, Sada sankshan janma-arpita vividha-karmapy anudinam I ... Digvijaya karivo-vidyar karyya nahe I Ishvar Bhajile vidya satya kahe II ( 6. And Arjuna never wanted to kill Bhisma, he also only wanted to capture Guru Drona alive. I would make a humble contribution to this episode. This idea of dividing the kingdom was given by Bhishma. Since, none of the Karna haters have answered my question regarding the dice game, i would dare to put one more question for you Karna haters. What have you done!”, With folded hands king Yudhishthira, deeply agitated, said to Govinda, “All the good and ill of Pandavas is yours. God’s giving boons has little to do with the moral conduct of the receivers. To singly overpower Bhima and Arjuna together with Janardana is not something that happens with luck. Speak the truth and surely the mango will be fixed to the tree.”, The lord of Dharma said to Krishna, “Why do you destroy the world, gifted one? Yudhishthira went to heaven with his body. He used many higher weapons like varunastra and aindrastra on Yudhisthira. yatra kabhi itni sukhad hoti hai ki daur-dhup bhari jindgi ki sabhi thakan dur ho jati hai. Arjuna begins his journey again, and sets out for mount Kailash, alone and without any help. (4) Regarding Vasava shakti ,the same question was asked by Yuddhistir to lord Krishna. 2. The final judge of the duel between Bhima and Duryodhana was Balarama who was their guru. Made many false pratignas Thereupon the mango rose further upwards, almost touching the branch. Perhapes he was in the process of learning this higher skill from Arjuna, when the war started. This war again has a background. May be, Drona Aswatama Kripa Salya, etc didn’t help Bhisma because they are so busy to fight with Bima, Satyaki, Yudhistira, Nakul n Sahadev. 5. Fragrant and delicious breezes mildly blew on every side. Vishnu (in guise of brahmana) intervenes and says that as there is no neutral observer there cannot be a wager. 8) Got Ullopi pregnant then left her (why is it because she’s a tribal?) He defeated Angaraparna Many of yours points were already answered. Let us all first start with not judging by just one book. It raises lots of question without any answer. Why he thought to practice yoga only when his weapons exhausted ? Arjuna not firing divine weapons is a fabricated statement. In Bhagavad Gita, a particular chapter is devoted to divine and demonic qualities at the end of which Lord Krishna assures Arjuna that he belonged to the first type. – Always misguided Duryodhana in a wrong way. steeds, as also his two great 3) Insulted someone’s father – Called Karna ‘SutPutra’. wow nice poem about char dham yatra thanks for sharing. never been born on earth! Bheeshmas mother was not murderous. It is good that you do not believe that pandavas are sons of gods. What your opinion about Arjuna. Has extra knowledge of vyoohas and training from Indra and fails to pass on knowledge to brothers and sons. Drona rejected him. Please read following to know why I say this. I don’t think so. Daityas, and all the Kalakeyas. What is wrong in killing Abhimanyu???? Was he at the same level with Arjun, Karna,Bhisma ,Dronacharya ? They are as much responsible for the war as anybody else. Arjuna used Sikhandi as shield. Are you guys scared to admit that. Almost all the heroic characters in mahabharata do have a sweet little skeleton to hide in their cute little closet. Krupacharya and Krupi were also abandoned at birth. these factors weighed heavily against arjun and other four to counter Duryodhan . A fierce encounter between them resulted in a tie. Loyal friend. rescue. Krishna said Karna is abiding by devtas and Brahmins – Proof yes as always Sri Krishna is correct. Drona did not like their close relations with Panchalas and that was also a reason behind his supporting Duryodhana. Roj Savere Parmatma Se Lene Hain Yeh 5 Varadan - Ekagrata Badhegi - Yog Ho Jayega Sahaj - Yog Commentary : 036. Duryodhan pleads to save Karn's Life. To hit out at a woman when he could not hit out at her husbands. That too after Karna had spared his life. Kripacharya uphhh. ( so was Bhima and to an extent Arjuna ) He was always interrupting elders and other advisers in the Kuru court and supported Duryodhan’s mad-cap ideas to the hilt. They just watch TV shows, Listen to cheap folklores. (1) Arjuna was defeated and killed by his own son Brabrubahan. But all his sons died in young age. Although people said that is not a daan but a barter because lord Indra give Shakti to Karna, but please remember: Arjuna had many tough battles with Ashwatthama. Anything can happened to glorified one character n insult other character. because karna is a daanveer he give our kavach and kundal to indra. BHOPAL: Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh on Thursday said he will not contest the 2018 assembly elections, even as he announced another yatra — this time a political one, with an eye on the polls. 1. I am flabbergasted to hear that. Abhimanyu cut down Bhishma’s standerd. That is why I like him, because his father is the biggest giver of life even now! It was CLEARLY mentioned that Karna after initial struggle karna was able to recall mantra for brahmastra which he invoked & directed at arjuna which was quenched by another Brahmastra fired by Arjuna.. Misconception No 6-Arjuna being the greatest archer cant defeat Drona & Drona has to be killed by Adharm: First of all if you all read Mahabharat properly in Drona Parva you will get to know that Dronacharya has invoked a terrible weapon nullyfying divine system known as “BRAHMADANDA” also called the stick of Brahma..It wasn’t actually a weapon for offensive purpose but its for defence purposes only & it has the divine power of all 7 Saptarishis & it literally nullified all weapons of Pandavas..It has the power to nullify the Brahmastra also as once Brahmastra of Great Sage Vishwamitra was nullified by Brahmadanda only! He defeated Maya who later constructed an assembly for them. Also he knew all the weak points of Karna. All these great warriors perforemed excellently on their day. 2. Fight against Krishna E99. he had suffered in forest for 13 years. Change ). Did Indra approach Karna or did Karna approach Indra begging for something? Some say that Yudhistira lost Draupadi after he lost himself and therefore she was actually not lost. But all these clashes helps everyone understand things with more clarity. Even in Mahabharata war, he had an upper hand against Bhishma. Society & Culture Website. When he started teaching the Pandavas and Kauravas along with his son, he showed partiality towards his SON. I have seen a number of beautiful statements made by him that surpass those made by foremost management gurus of today. 6. Hence I don’t think anyone else will dare to challenge him. Quickly do that, O Bharata, which should now be done by thee! Good evening Mr. Chakravarthy Phanishayi. From the way he insulted Draupadi and encouraged Dhushashan and Duryodhan to sexually abuse her in public – it is doubtful how much dharma he followed. This may not have been a very sensible decision but certainly a noble one. Considering the fact the Bhima had sacrificed his son Ghatotkachas life to protect Arjuna this is infact a high level ungratefulness. so, we have 2 possibilities. Even when Jayadratha came out of hiding, Karna could have used it on Arjuna but he wanted Arjuna’s promise to be fulfilled and therefore didn’t offer any resistance. Latter their population decreased due to their wars with vedic people. Give some of the land back to them and let them live peacefully. Now let us go on the second topic. He performed better than even Drona at times. The several Regents of That would be a great insult not only to Arjuna but his preceptor Drona. Duryodhan mounts a elephant and attacks Satyai , Satyaki fall unconscious . Especially if there were other options like firing sammohan vana and stunning bhurisharava and saving satyaki. Speak, Narayana, how shall we be saved?”, Hearing Dharma’s words, Shri’s spouse said, “If the tree appears just as it was when the mango was on it, then all can be saved, O king.”, Yudhishthira said, “In these three worlds, he who nourishes all their beings, at whose behest creation and destruction happen, why should he bother to fix a mango to the branch?”, Govinda said, “There is a remedy whereby the mango can be re-fixed to the branch and everyone will be saved.

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