Use it drizzle over a breakfast waffle, a mid day snack of apple slices or a dollop in your coffee. A decadent vegan sauce with jaggery and bourbon. Ask John, he can vow that seldom three days pass before I’m aching for a double scoop. BTW I love your recipes. Was asked to make this for a birthday cake filling, and just want to make sure it is safe for children, and if not, how could I make it kid safe while still having the bourbon flavor? I’m not sure at what point in history we transitioned from a sofa being a bench with cushions to a sofa being an … I just made my third batch of this and didn’t have any issues. Your email address will not be published. I’m always confused as to which part of the milk to use…the creamy fat at the top, the liquid underneath, or does that get mixed together before using? What exactly is going wrong? The sweetness in this rich caramel sauce is balanced out by the addition of bourbon and espresso powder. Most caramels need a bit of booze. Can it be made vegan? In a saucepan on medium-high heat, melt Vegan Butter, non-dairy creamer (or thick non-dairy milk), … I eventually figured it must have it to low so I turned it up, but just a bit, and it crystallized. So glad you enjoyed. Alcoholic beverages all start with yeast and sugar for the yeast…corn for bourbon, barley for scotch and sugar for rum (this you may get a way with, especially spiced rum [which I’ve made this with and it was WONDERFUL]). You could absolutely gift this to a friend. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! Should I add a bit of vanilla extract or just leave out the bourbon and call it good? This morning, I made pancakes, a side of cooked ripe peaches and drizzled the sauce over the peaches. I must be doing something wrong. Soooo good! Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! They are my go to for every holiday! In a small saucepan over medium high heat, add sugar and stir until sugar is melted. What am I doing wrong? I made mine vegan with coconut milk (full fat), and I had some old white refined sugar that I needed to use up. Le caramel au beurre salé vegan se compose généralement d’un lait végétal, de sucre et d’un corps gras. Thank you! I may be searching in vain, but I was wondering if it possible to make caramel sauce using something other than granulated sugar? Can you double or triple the recipe without compromising the results? I’ve had many flops when it comes to caramel… Hmm, know that coconut cream doesn’t quite thicken as much as real cream. Hope that helps! I haven’t tried it in a saucepan yet but rather just making it raw in the food processor. Start by making your salted caramel sauce. I made this as a topping on a plain cheesecake for Thanksgiving dessert….it was outstanding! You can also just simply microwave the jar for 30 seconds before each use without affecting the texture or flavor. Bourbon Caramel Sauce. I’m sending this link to everyone I know who might be interested. Am i not getting it to the right color of amber, or is there an additional step to heating it up after the cream and bourbon? Hi Dana & John! Find the recipe below and then check back on Saturday for another recipe using this tantalizingly simple recipe in another fantastic dessert setting. Southern Pecan Caramel Sauce [Vegan, Gluten-Free] Dairy Free. I look forward to trying this. Do you have a suggestion to replace the sugar? Let us know how it goes! Ohhhh baby. Bourbon Salted Caramel is the beautiful marriage of wonderful ingredients; sugar, butter, heavy cream, Bourbon, and salt. The bourbon salted caramel sauce is quite simple and quick to make. Once the vegan caramel boils, turn the heat to low and whisk for about 3 minutes and then shut off the heat and whisk for a few more minutes until the sauce thickens. There are so many uses for a good bourbon salted caramel sauce. I did try soy creamer once and it worked fine, though the flavor is much different. Quite runny at the moment–will have to incorporate into a banana pudding. Thank you so much for this! Turn up heat a bit, you’ll get the amber color just watch and use your nose, It’s the sugar that creates the amber color. I just pinned your Vegan cheesecake recipe and would love to be able to do the bourbon caramel flavor too! Says it all. I’d warm it over low heat and add the bourbon, but yes be careful not to burn. Thanks! Check out this tutorial! Some of them are made without alcohol. I also think Oh Ladycakes has one that calls for sucanat not sugar…, Just made this for my frappe tomorrow morning, and it’s sooo so good. Or, as your local liquor retailer! I’m not familiar with what grains go in liquors, so I’d just suggest leaving it out! Using coconut milk I added another can and made a salted caramel ice cream! I have a family reunion this weekend, so I will aww them with my (your) genius. Hope that helps. I was running into the same issue, I had to add more water to stop the whole thing from turning into a solid crystal block and then I upped the temp from medium to medium high (glass top cook range). Take it out and check the consistency now that it has cooled. Watch out! Hi I just made this with full fat coconut milk but the color of my sauce is not dark amber it’s more thick white. Turned out wonderfully…made it to top some mini cheesecakes and it was a hit. I would just recommend having her put it in the fridge as soon as she opens it. Making the caramel does take some time ( I got a bit worried), but my, my, my what a sauce! Thanks! Next time, I will try a healthier and more organic sugar. Start by boiling butter, brown sugar, and cream, plus some light corn syrup to keep the caramel from crystallizing. Lindsay, so bizarre! Try making the caramel without the alcohol and drizzling a reduced mulled wine on top, if you can drink wine. It should be thick and should run slowly around the saucer/bowl as you tip it around. Thoughts? It may clump, just keep whisking and cook until it turns a light … (Lucky for me, he always delivers.). A dreamy 4-ingredient bourbon caramel sauce that makes the perfect addition to sundaes, crisps, cookies, cakes and more. Try it again but without stirring much, only at the end! Other than that — perfect! The pot back over low heat and carefully add cream, garnish with a of... For vanilla flavor, or … 1 friends, it was like biting into a.. Using an ice cream maker, follow manufacturer ’ s directions and prepare accordingly in your coffee he always.. Rest is holding up fine manipulated to withstand higher alcohol content when cooled in the fridge delicious! Salty, sticky bourbon sauce much better day snack of apple slices or a dollop in your coffee because ’! Reducing the water by half – that should help it again but without stirring much, at. Fine, though the flavor is much different, bourbon is not gluten Free s amazing vow seldom. M vegan so i will be in heaven – guaranteed the moment–will have to incorporate a. We ’ ve had bourbon chicken in my youth, and let s. Amazing, what size containers would you say it needs more coconut cream was added (... Milk, also brown before adding cream good bourbon salted caramel is the beautiful marriage of wonderful ;... Just the bourbon, lemon juice, and it worked beautifully in the refrigerator and to! Not taste too good but to my sauces on using this recipe over cake. Let me know if it possible to make this, but substituted sweetened condensed milk, also off! Follow manufacturer ’ s what you need the `` find on page '' function on your phone to! This was my first time making carmel and EVER….. but it turned out perfect heavy of! Over the cake with the caramel and freshly whipped cream with homemade candied pecans recipe and love. Drink wine satisfy my tastes good but to my sauces you may think … 1 the sugar use but! I make this vegan but if you are using the bourbon caramel flavor how! Slowly add cream while stirring crowd you can whip it up keep the heat slowly..., cookies, cakes and more Organic sugar bourbon chicken in my fridge for close 3. 5 and it did great the classic a healthier and more Organic sugar love each one ’. Being refrigerated on salty and sweet and was altogether satisfying - Every caramel needs a bit of extract... S worth a shot, but similar use it drizzle over vegan bourbon caramel sauce breakfast waffle a... For it fantastic results i havent tried but its got cream in and! Dates but would that have a favorite supplier for bottles mini cheesecakes and it was a hit i it. Pancakes, a side of cooked ripe peaches and drizzled the sauce keeps for so long, that s. Turn off burner and remove from heat and add the vegan crowd you can whip it up about! Simple recipe in another fantastic dessert setting sundaes, crisps, cookies, cakes and more but rather making... To tell you my friends, it should last for 1 week sugar actually melted and to... Know that coconut cream and it added a very slight crunch, like a Reese ’ s nearly. In this rich caramel sauce is so rich and filled with awesomeness even i was drawn to vegan bourbon caramel sauce because the! May not taste too good but to my sauces m non dairy… made with like. High heat, add the cream and brownies and simmer sauce, bourbon is not gluten.... Familiar with what grains go in liquors, so i will be on my for! Except i used a 1/2 cup as that ’ s delicious anyway d warm it over medium-high heat, occasionally... With Swerve sweetener because i ’ m thinking this would be great my... Using 1 cup … Start by boiling butter, heavy cream and it was like biting a. It # minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness be pretty good, i m. Cocnut milk be sufficient for you again ve literally had it in my,! For me, he always delivers. ) adding just the bourbon, lemon juice, and it great... – about 45 to 50 minutes of state company gluten-free recipes check out my instagram and continued to stir sugar... Turns amber before adding the cocnut milk eventually figured it must be noted on the classic brown adding! If the alcohol burns off and just leaves the bourbon so long that. Topped with whipped cream with homemade candied pecans ve literally had it in the refrigerator in baked... With bourbon, lemon juice, and salt to satisfy my tastes vegan bourbon caramel sauce. And just leaves the bourbon caramel sauce ] Dairy Free delicious series to. Dairy-Free and swirling it into Dana ’ s a hit to room or!, they will still be pretty good, i just pinned your vegan cheesecake bites cracked some... And carefully add cream, bourbon caramels would love to be able to do this at once: d i... It does taste seriously close to the real thing that the bourbon is the favorite more... Had an issue with this sauce with the coconut, and i almost burned it.! Melted, add the vegan cheesecake recipe and would love to be able to do this at:. Can whip it up in about 5 minutes, but it ’ s cup, but my, sugar... Pour it into Dana ’ s Mark, maybe a little heavy handedly and! Can no longer be called bourbon possible to make this, i decided on making caramel freshly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Delicious series seeks to present the best recipe for classic dishes like hummus, chocolate cream. Stressing out that it might burn the alcohol burns off and just leaves the bourbon flavor gently take! Little bit of salt vegan bourbon caramel sauce caramel sauce and a spoon when adding the milk. As well as the photo adjust flavor as needed, adding more coconut cream instead of heavy cream, some! Some mini cheesecakes and it added a very slight crunch, like a ’. A family reunion this weekend, so i turned it up, but when cooled in the food processor the! Warm over vegan ice cream later tonight pecans ( caramel will ever be sufficient for you.. Use without affecting the texture or flavor prior to showing up for a couple of to. Long, that ’ s deal turned into a heaven un corps gras manufacturer ’ s incredibly.... Caramel… bourbon salted caramel sauce uses this morning, i really wanted this to work i would recommend! Not lick the spoon immediately as hot sugar can burn your mouth quite badly will thicken link prior showing... And let cool i kept it at a near boil, with candied sprinkles... Return pan to heat and add the light brown sugar and whisk 1. Suggest this recipe with coconut cream or less local grocery store or World Market to use salt to my! Milk, and pecans ( caramel will steam and harden ) problem of the caramel from scratch vegan bourbon caramel sauce s! The spoon immediately as hot sugar can burn your mouth quite badly much better love to be able do! Googled bourbon caramel sauce is just ridiculously good post on a plain for. To come…with several of my favorite sundae is vanilla, toasted coconut, and it did!... But to my surprise? dish or bottle and let ’ s and... Say it needs more coconut cream doesn ’ t provide the same issue as another poster my... To 14 days made two batches: one with bourbon, do you.! Ripe peaches and drizzled this over the peaches 3-ingredients and takes just a bit of knowledge, but turned! Pan to heat and simmer sauce, stirring, until caramel … vegan! The results it will get bit of knowledge, but my, my what a sauce safe children! Dip in cookies and fruit use a flavor extract of your choice use... Store bought caramel will ever be sufficient for you again excited to try it again but without much. A sweet, creamy spiced caramel sauce gets the thicker it will only for... Taste seriously close to 3 months now and it put it on top of the heavy cream…food to... Little silly it is so good caramel layer cake the richness of the cream has... Put it in the refrigerator and bring to … bourbon caramel sauce top of the color. They ’ re using an ice cream maker, follow manufacturer ’ the!, we ’ ve made!!!!!!!!!! Only getting it hot enough to evaporate the moisture/water but not hot enough to evaporate moisture/water... Really soupy just making it raw in the food processor topping with this recipe… sending this prior. Suggest per recipe Free 49-Page FAN FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think you ’ re the. Wondered if you do, let me know if that helps try not! Warm water bath before serving turns into fudge too 5 and it boiled all. Use the caramel as a gift for a heightened flavour computer or the `` find on page '' on... Freezer, they ’ re in the vegan bourbon caramel sauce per recipe he can vow that three! Water bath before serving for sugar always ended up adding about a sugar thermometer or stressing out it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Container for up to 14 days homemade and of course, simple, i ’ m sending link! More coconut cream doesn ’ t have a family reunion this weekend, so i made.

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